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Bowen Explained

Bowen therapy offers a non-invasive, holistic approach to pain relief and healing. Bowen therapy was developed by Tom Bowen, an Australian Osteopath, who recognized the underlying cause of many musculoskeletal, neurological and other health problems or pain that could be found in the soft tissue or fascial connections. Bowen therapy can also produce effective results for a wide range of ailments and conditions. The technique is a series of customized capture, and rolling cross fiber of the musculature over top of clothes. Bowen therapy is considered a holistic medicine or treatment that considers the whole body and underlying causes rather than just the symptoms. Therefore, Bowen therapy treats the overt symptoms such as pain as well as providing a range of other health benefits such as improved physical and emotional health, increased energy, improved circulation, restored range of motion, lymphatic drainage and detoxification, stress relief and more.

How long does it take??

The first session is apx.2 hour. 
-First session includes a thorough evaluation and intake as well as therapy. 

-Follow up appointments for adults are 45-60 min, infants 20-30min.

How many treatments can I expect??

The body tells us how many sessions, it all depends on the response and gains we achieve.

Typically 4-6 weeks, then we reassess. 

(Bringing in other modalities such as chiropractic care can compliment Bowen and shorten duration of treatments)

Greater benefits are through weekly visits until we can work the system into holding positive muscle memory longer and aim towards spacing out the visits until we reach a maintenance status.

As it relates to infants

Bowen Therapy for infants is especially important for early intervention...

With breast feeding difficulties, allowing the body to soften around the muscles relating to nursing can bring a more relaxed and complete connection for mom and baby. If the jaw and neck are tense, the breast feeding experience will be impeded. 

Common symptoms associated with disfunction in infants;

  • Irritability and unconsolable fussiness
  • Colic like irritation
  • Tongue/Lip tie related issues
  • Nursing difficulties; pulling off, agitation, cluster feeding, head preference....
  • Delayed development
  • Crawling/walking difficulties or disfunction 
  • Teeth grinding
  • Difficulty settling/restless sleep
  • and more............

Bowen for Adults

Bowen Therapy can assist in the healing process for, but not limited to;

General pain and discomfort

Stimulate blood flow and encourage lymphatic circulation

Decrease overall stress/tension

Increase PR related to sport activites

Frozen shoulder

Creating more range of motion



Pelvic floor disfunction


Muscular imbalances

......AND MORE

What clients are saying

"Marie is so knowledgable about the body and how everything is connected and effected by being out of balance. She throughly explained everything she was doing and gave great instructions for proper stretching and care after my treatment. I'm excited to keep working with her!"

-Melody B

"I cannot say enough good things about Marie and Bowen Therapy! She was great at explaining what she was doing and how it would help my little one, who has a tongue and lip tie. Doing the stretches at home has also helped so much. It is now easier my baby to latch and nurse, she's also been sleeping better through the night. I recommend Marie to all our family and friends with little ones!"

-Breonna G

"I was referred to Marie by my LC for issues with clicking while breastfeeding. I had heard of Bowen Therapy before but wants sure how it would help. Marie explained how FunctionalBowen world and even demonstrated on my arm prior to starting the session with my daughter, making sure I was comfortable. Her kind demeanor was reassuring. After our first session I saw a HUGE difference, My daughter stopped clicking, sleeps better, and was no longer curved to one side. I was truly amazed, Ive had the best experience, and now she is working with my son.... I am so happy to have found her and will continue to have her be our Bowen Therapist!

-Joy C

"I am so grateful to have found Marie, and her expertise regarding Bowen technique! As a mom who has struggled with tight muscles and knots for years, it's crazy how much relief she has brought to my body in just a couple sessions. I have a greater range of motion through my shoulders, more flexibility and stability in my pelvis and lower body, and less overall stiffness. Plus (and this may be the best part) is that is wasn't painful the way deep tissue tends to be. She has also worked with both my kids, and I appreciate that her approach changes accordingly. Fun and playful for the toddler, quick for the baby, and super thorough for mama! I highly recommend Marie and her services. I may not know yo, but I know you need this!" -Angela F

"My son Logan and I suffered through a 4 day labor process when he was born. The amount of pressure and forces on his little body during that time was intense. We found Marie after many many sleepless nights. Logan struggled with reflux, discomfort, and sleep. We began chiropractic care and bowen therapy at the same time. After taking to Marie we actually began to understand more how these two therapies very much complement each other. She was a very attentive practitioner who would give us notes and guidance to take back to our chiropractic appointments. Our chiropractor was always astonished with how Marie knew right where Logan was suffering. Marie was very detailed in explaining different muscles and parts of the body to us and helping us to understand how Logan’s tension was impacting his physical health. Marie said early on in the process that her whole goal was to NOT see us anymore. I thought to myself “wow what a refreshing take on healthcare”. Someone who actually is just as invested as you are in a FINISHED positive outcome. Many practitioners drag you through endless weekly or monthly appointments only to tell you that’s the “best they can do”. Not Marie. She gets to the root cause and really creates change in the body. My son went from sleeping 45-90 min at a time (even at night) to sleeping 12 hours straight within a matter of 6weeks. Marie was a wonderful part of his infant treatment program and we are so grateful to have found her." -Mandi J

"My 2 year old woke up with severe pain and stiffness in his neck. We immediately took him for Chiropractic care. We were latter that evening reminded about bowen therapy. We contacted Marie and met her. Marie went over the muscles and a diagram explaining step by step how her therapy would relieve our son. He did cry but it was a cry of relief. As a 2 yr old it was expected but he actually did really well. Her calming voice and therapy really helped Dominc." -Carmen C

"Marie has been an amazing addition to my son's healing journey and I am so thankful for her help. My son was born with clubfoot and went through serial casting at one month old. As a result, his muscles were tight and he was in pain and discomfort from the braces he wears at night. Marie has worked with him so that he is able to beat his condition and flourish in his development. Even his Orthopedic doctor is amazed as his progress! Marie created a plan to care for him at home in between our sessions that has greatly impacted his therapy results. She is so understanding and takes the time to explain everything she id doing. Bowen Therapy and Marie have been such a blessing!" Briana V

What are you willing to invest in your health?

There can be no price tag too small when it comes to peace of mind and vitality

**Disclaimer- The above is meant solely for the purpose of therapeutic relief, not to replace a Doctors advice or replace medical treatment. Consult with a physician before beginning a new treatment regimen. **

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