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While working in Early Childhood Education for the past 15 years, I wanted to help not only in the mental well being but move into the physical healing aspect of children and adults. I then entered into the world of Body work 9yrs ago, and actively practicing Functional Bowen Therapy for the past 9 years. Graduating courses through MTI Davis, BTI, Knowmor Inc. and many breastfeeding course, along with recent cranial sacral training (working on certifying in pediatric cranial). Currently a member of the Placer County Breast Feeding Coalition. Jan/Feb 2020 will bring more learning and classes for myself to continue providing a well rounded therapy.

I found myself investing in anatomy books just for fun long before even having an inclination on becoming a body worker, so I guess you could say  I was meant for it! Being raised in a holistic way, and being a mother of 5 married for 17yrs, has taught me a lot about following ones passions. I love nothing better then helping others improve their life and the lives of their children, seeing the healing take place brings so much joy and satisfaction in what I do.

My motto- "I love my clients but I don't want to see them very long".

It's a goal of mine to not string anyone along but rather graduate them into a healthy way of living with vitality all on their own by using a team approach for a faster organic healing process.

Thank you for spending the time to visit this site, and I look forward to helping you in the near future.

-Marie X

CMP#30752 ,CFBT

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